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6-Step Guide to Real Estate Investing:
In this short 5 minute video, Robert Kyiyosaki provides a good 6-step system for real estate investing.  

The system outlined in this video provides a good introduction to the benefits of investing in real estate.

The 6-step system outlined here can be applied to any type of real estate investing in the Hamilton or the Niagara Region (whether in income producing single family house rentals or multi-family investing or multi-unit commercial real estate).

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Major Developments in The City of Welland:
This 4-minute video shows some major developments underway in Welland.

These new developments include the new Community Wellness Centre (which was completed this past year), the new $10 million dollar Welland International Flatwater Centre (which is now under construction), the $90 million dollar expansion to the Welland Campus of Niagara College (completed this year), the 3-acre $50 million dollar brownfield redeveloped project proposed by the Terrasan Corporation bringing over 200 new residential units to the downtown core plus a large mixed-use commercial component, & the new $15 million dollar sports complex which will be opening within the next few months.
Developments in The City of St. Catharines:
This 2-minute video shows several businesses which are locating in and growing in St. Catharines.

In addition, the new $759 million dollar hospital is nearing completion and will be opening within the next few months on the City's west end.  And greatly furthering the revitalization of the downtown core, a new $94 million dollar Performing Arts Complex is now under construction.

With good local job growth and with Brock University and Niagara College continuing to grow in St. Catharines, the demand for rental housing continues to increase and market rents continue their steady climb.
The Growth And Success of Niagara Falls:  A Tale of Two Cities
The City of Port Colborne:  Active and Vibrant 
This 3-minute video gives you a great introduction to the City of Port Colborne (Ontario's "South Coast").

Vacancy rates are low and the demand for rental housing in this city continues to be very stable.

This is a beautiful and quaint city with lots of things to do. It has one of the most unique downtown districts in Niagara with a fantastic array of shops and restaurants along its waterway and canals. It also benefits from an influx of summer visitors to Port Colborne's "cottage country". Even many local Niagara residents have a cottage along the Shores of Lake Erie on the outskirts of Port Colborne.
This 7-minute video gives quite an interesting perspective. It contrasts the enormous growth and development and success of Niagara Falls, Ontario with the lack of all three immediately across the border in Niagara Falls, New York.

We are lucky to have a city with crowds, cranes & construction, and lots of jobs for the locals on our side of the border. With one development after the next, Niagara Falls (Ontario) has been growing at an incredible pace in the last few years with dozens of new hotels creating an impressive skyline. The new $100 million dollar, 200,000 sq. ft. Scotiabank Convention Centre will help the City to  continue it's impressive growth and stability.
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Revitalising and Growing our Local Economy
This 7-minute video lays out a good strategy for how to stimulate and nurture and grow the "creative economy" throughout our Niagara Region.

Economic development is no longer about business attraction and recruitment... it is about people attraction and recruitment.  The sold out event named "Niagara Palooza: Rethinking our Cities" was a discussion on urban renewal to encourage new strategies and plans to market Niagara.  It was a gathering of 500 business leaders from Niagara & beyond at the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Centre in Niagara Falls on January 31st. We're working toward fostering creative and healthy growth in the Niagara Region.
The Region of Niagara -- It's a Wonderful Life
This 4-minute video shares a stunning visual array of a Niagara Region that is "majestic, magical, mysterious, monumental, massive, melodic, mythic, magnificent, motivating, memorable, and more than you imagine".

It's not just a wonderful place to visit... it's a wonderful place to invest... and it's also a wonderful place to live.

Press play, sit back, and enjoy!
Winning Video in The 2012 "Niagara Social Project"
This fun 2-minute music video was the winner in this year's "Niagara Social Project".  It contains some of Niagara's most picturesque views.

Written and performed by Kevin McGowan & Marc Charbonneau

Video by : Dave Fulton, Marc Charbonneau, Kevin McGowan

Ontario's Technology Corridor - Niagara
This 4-minute video highlights reasons why manufacturing companies, tech innovators and others are exploring business opportunities in the Niagara region.  It explains why the manufacturing and technology sectors are growing in Niagara and it includes discussion about the importance of industry links with Niagara College and Ontario's fastest growing university... Brock University.  

It demonstrates that the Niagara region offers a highly productive workforce, close links to colleges and universities and a dynamic business environment that is well placed for accessing major North American and global markets.

nGEN - Niagara Interatctive Media Generator
This 2-minute video discusses how nGEN is nurturing our local interactive media talent pool and creating a hub for interactive media project and business development in the Niagara region.

We are living in an increasingly connected and digital world. A fundamental shift in the use of technology is taking place and nGen, Niagara’s interactive media generator, is at the forefront of this growing industry. 

Watch this video to learn more about how this company is bringing many high tech businesses under one roof in Niagara.

This "Naturally in Niagara" Film Gives Us More Reasons To Invest In Niagara
This quick 2-minute film shows us that Niagara has so much to offer! From the varied and exciting arts and entertainment scene, to the business owners who make Niagara a great place to work, to the rowers and cyclists and hikers who believe this region offers the best possible setting for healthy living, to the families who are grateful that their children get a quality education at local elementary and high schools and can then move on to earn diplomas and degrees at Niagara College and Brock University - Niagara has it all ... and we're here to tell that story!

$112 Million Dollar Health & Bioscience Research Complex Opens at Brock
This 4-minute video shows the new $112 million dollar Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex at Brock University, which opened in September, 2012. The facility hosts 4 acres of state-of-the-art labs and research space. 

The complex greatly advances Canada’s science and technology infrastructure housing world-class work by researchers in the areas of cancer, infectious diseases, biotechnology and green chemistry. 

It also houses an incubator for start-up businesses to capitalize on the innovative research and knowledge transfer that will happen in this wonderful new facility.

Brock's Peforming Arts Centre Will Transform St. Catharines Downtown
This 2-minute video shows a stunning rendering of what Bock's new Performing Arts Complex will look like once built in downtown St. Catharines.

Using advanced visualization software, this video shows just how beautiful the inside and exterior of the proposed buildings will be when completed within the next few years.

This $26 to $40 million dollar facility will certainly help to continue the ongoing revitalization of the downtown core of St. Catharines.  Now is indeed a great time to invest in residential rental properties (of all types) and student rental housing in the downtown core.

Niagara Region - An Aerial Video Tour
This 8-minute video provides an aerial tour of the Niagara Region, highlighting many aspects of the 12 cities and towns that exist within Niagara.

This video provides a good introduction to the geography, economy, and housing markets in Niagara.  

It also provides an aerial tour of many of our parks, golf courses, recreational facilities, transportation infrastructure, Brock University, Niagara College, the tourist district of Niagara Falls, the Welland Canal, the Niagara River and several large manufacturing facilities in the region such as the General Motors plant in St. Catharines.

Hamilton is Ranked the #1 City In Which To Invest in Ontario -- By REIN
This 3-minute video reveals and explains why Hamilton has recently been ranked as the #1 city in Ontario (and #3 in Canada) in which to invest in real estate by the national Real Estate Investment Network (REIN).

Using advanced statistical and economic analysis, including past and forecasted  job growth, infrastructure growth, and property value appreciation... Hamilton is forcasted to experience higher income property appreciation gains than all other Ontario cities over the next five years.

Watch this quick video to discover what very few investors know about the growth & great prospects for the Hamilton marketplace.
10 Reasons to Invest in The Niagara Region:
This quick 3-minute video highlights several key reasons why our population base is growing in the Niagara Region and why so many businesses are locating and growing in our area.

Some of the factors discussed are our high quality of life in Niagara and our low cost of doing business (... which includes a relatively low current cost of real estate as compared to most other urban areas of southern Ontario.)

With many infrastructure improvement programs recently completed, several currently underway and many more now in the planning stages... the prospects for growth in real estate values throughout the Niagara Region are very good.
Major Redevelopment Projects in Niagara:
This 4-minute video highlights several redevelopment projects in St. Catharines, Welland, Fort Erie and Niagara Falls.

Some of these major redevelopment projects are already under construction, and others are in the planning stages now and will greatly increase property values when completed in the very near future.

Using advanced modeling and visualisation software, this video shows us what these redevelopment projects will look like when completed.

Many wise investors are buying adjacent properties now!
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In this 3-minute video our local TV Cogeco "The Source" interviews Anne Matiuschuk at the official launch of the Niagara South Coast Tourism Association (NSCTA) which took place at the Sanctuary Centre For The Arts in Fort Erie on May 23, 2013.

Starting as a research project in Port Colborne, five local municipalities (Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Wainfleet, Welland and Pelham) have joined forces to launch joint marketing and tourism promotions.

For more information on this new Association's new website at: 
Tourism Along Niagara's South Coast: